Decentralised Crypto Trust
We are building the next generation crypto trust fund,
the perfect combination crypto investments and blockchain technology.
Become a part of our fund and earn interest from 100% to 500%
TGE - token sale
Token DTSS is a fundamental part of Dirtrex Trust and a tokenization tool.
May – June 2018
DTEX tokens
Minimum purchase: 0.1 Eth. Get extra bonus: 100-500%
Special offer for investors +50Eth. contact us.
"DTEX" is SAFT token similar to a share of stock in future.
July 2018
DTSS tokens
Minimum purchase: 1 Eth. Bonus 15%
KYC procedure for Investors +10Eth
Exchange DTEX token to DTSS ( Software-as-a-Service)
August 2018
DTSS tokens
Minimum purchase: 0.1 Eth. Bonus 5%
KYC procedure for Investors +10Eth
DTSS ( Software-as-a-Service)
What problem does Dirtrex Fund solve?
Using cryptocurrency as a payment instrument deprives the investor of the opportunity to earn on the future growth of these assets.
If you bought a cryptocurrency or altcoins, but its value has fallen today - is unprofitable for you to sell your assets. Many investors lose time to benefit from the future sale of the cryptocurrency.
Our Fund service allows you to instantly invest altcoins/tokens in automatic trading for couples such as BTC or ETH or to Collective FUNDs.
Thus, you will have an opportunity to keep your crypto-currency position and at the same time get additional benefit for your crypto assets.
This is your chance to use your altcoins in an entirely new way.
Dirtrex is a Crypto Hedge Fund augmented by Blockchain technology.
By using our Fund you are able to Invest any altcoins from your wallets in one place, to different plans.
With the Dirtrex Fund, there is no longer any reason to sell your Altcoins when you can invest and receive a fixed profit.
The typical result for many tokens after ICO.

You lost money?

We have solutions for this Projects and for token holders [ Join our DAICO Fund ]
Co-owners fund
Collective tokens Fund
Trading Fund
Join the Owners community
For first Investors, we offer high-return alternative asset DTEX for exchange to deposit from the ether.The value of the tokens represents the value of the fund. Next, You can change this tokens for trading tokens for portfolio management or hold in the wallet and get profit.
By depositing to the DTEX owner pool, crypto asset holders will be able to earn up from 100% to 500% interest on their crypto equity. read more
Cashback against Your altcoins
Tokens & cashback? Yes, It simple in the Collective pool. Our Fund will enable you to earn interest on Your altcoins/tokens. When you deposit your tokens you'll join our decentralized Collective pool and earn yearly interest. You can also get a cash profit on your coins so you do not need to sell them. read more
Robot trading for cryptomarket
Decentralised crypto trading fund using blockchain technology to create the trading model "Contract for difference"— no account needed.
- You add our SaaS tokens to the trading strategy.
- Withdrawal profit to a crypto wallet or bank card.
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