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Do You want to live is long in a healthy body and with a clear memory?
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Our mobile application is the way to your longevity. Our technology is created for the benefit of man - this is your chance to be online in the future. Our technology is a technology for you and your future.

We suggest that you live longer in a healthy body and with a clear mind. We will help you to increase your life daily. Our technology for several years will increase your life by another third of the average life of the body, it's +30 years to your life. Using our mobile application you will live happily ever after.

Rejuvenation of the body (active regeneration of the body cells) occurs as a result of the start of the brain program "construction a body cell", according to the basic (primary) program of life-activity of the human body obtained at birth. ... The rejuvenation of the body (active regeneration of the body cells) is activated by the code impulse mathematical frequency effect on the human brain. Mathematical codes are compiled according to the algorithms of our technology. In this case, in addition to rejuvenation of the body cells, internal reserves (forces) of the body are replenished, due to concentration in the cells of the body, impulses of excess energy released by the body cells under active regeneration (construction), which leads to the start of an actively-reactive process of energy synthesis between cells of body.
Biochemical processes in the human body become identical to biochemical processes in a healthy human body, aged 16-18 years, from birth. . We are able to adjust the basic (primary) program of the brain "the life span of the human body", increasing the life cycle of the human body, on average, by +30 years, and more. That is, by rejuvenating the human body, we increase the life of the person, and improve his life. We determined the optimal balance of interaction, between impulse mathematical code combinations and the ability of life-activity programs of the human brain, to plastic execution of correction of life-activity programs of the brain and the human body, avoiding the consequences of shock changes in brain programs. Accordingly, to achieve the goal of correction, we have compiled algorithms for the gradually increasing impact on life-activity programs of the brain and the body of human.
According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 50 million people suffering from cardiovascular disorders in the world. Over one hundred million inhabitants of the Earth suffer from frequent recurring stresses. In particular, at people with various mild mental disorders (stresses) are recorded certain changes in the biochemistry of the blood. Our mobile application will help restore the balance of the human psyche and the body's biochemical processes. We offer an extra 30 minutes to your daily life. In fact, with the help of mathematical codes we introduce into the subconscious and consciousness the encoded message which is decoded by the brain and accepted for execution.
We offer you a technology that will open for you endless possibilities, personal self-improvement and personal development, work, Healthy Potency, personal life, personal enrichment, and other areas of life-human activities, while the new technology will preserve your health, your mind and cheerfulness of your body.

Closest analogues of our technology:
1) Psycho-probing device (psychosemantic analysis) and psycho-correction - MindReader (Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2218867 of 11.12.2002). Research Institute of Psychoecology (Moscow) - SRC "Crystal" Minoboronprom (Moscow), awarded the Grand Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Scientific Achievements in Brussels in 1997.
2) Bio Acoustic Corrector "Synchro-S", Children's Neuropsychology Center, Tyumen.
The high efficiency of the psychocorrection method was confirmed by scientific studies of analog technologies at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg), clinical trials at the Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency Care in Moscow, the Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), at the Department of Non-Drug Therapy psychocorrection) 1st Moscow Medical Institute named after Sechenov, SRI of Psychoecology (Moscow), Institute of Forensic Psychiatry named after Serbsky (Moscow).

Scaling the project will occur by translating the application into different languages including: English, German, Chinese. Japanese and Latin American countries. Expected return on investor from 300% after scaling. During the year, we plan to improve the technology for correcting the programs for the life of the body and will soon be able to offer you + 120 minutes per day. We continue to develop other mobile applications IT med. Mobile applications "Antistress" and "Normalization of blood pressure" will soon be available for your use. The development of the mobile application "Healthy Potency", which mobilizes the physical and sexual capabilities of a healthy 30 year old person, without damaging your health, is coming to an end.

Also soon we will be able to offer a novelty in IT protection of your housing. This is the guaranteed security of your home. An intruder can not to enter your house even in the cosmonaut's suit or to enter in your housing on a tank.

Psycho-biological technology was tested in laboratory and field conditions and is effective at:
- at impulse activation regeneration of cell (stable gerontological remission). Transition to active cell regeneration (body rejuvenation). Activation of intermolecular (interatomic) energy synthesis of the body. This in a short time will help restore the body to its physical state from 10 to 25 years ago, and more.
- at activation of processes of self-healing of internal organs of the person (the control of correction of programs of "building" cells).
- in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Significant reduction in limb tremor. Clarity of thinking.
- in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Restoration (partial restoration) of perception of reality, interest in knowledge and physical movement.
- at stabilization of the vestibular apparatus after traumas of the vestibular analyzer receptor. Elimination of the causes of motion sickness syndrome (diseases of the autonomic nervous system, organs of the gastrointestinal tract and diseases of the hearing aid).
- at atherosclerosis of the aorta and after myocardial infarction. According to the results of the medical examination there are no traces of atherosclerosis and scarring.
- at stabilization of body weight from excessive weight and healthy elasticity of the skin.
- at post-stroke state. The motorica of the body smoothly approaches the norm.
- in the treatment of light neurotic and neurological disorders. Elimination of the consequences of stress. Post traumatic stress. "Syndrome of loss." Post-stress recovery of cognitive functions and speech disorders.
- at general health improvement and psycho-prophylaxis. This increase and support the optimal level of adaptive capabilities of the body and the process of self-regulation. Support for high performance of the body. - at preventing the development of stress disorders. Improves concentration and memory. Increased stress resistance. Optimization the activism of people with a high level of neuropsychic stress (rescuers, policemen, military, technicians, actors, businessmen, management, intellectual workers). - when restoring sexual potency.
- at the psycho-physical training of athletes for a series of victories and sporting achievements.
- at the normalization of blood pressure (hypertension 1-2 stages, arterial hypertension 2-3 degrees, vegetative-vascular disorders (both diencephalic nature and parasympathetic crises).
- at the normalization of the psychophysiological state after myocardial infarction. Reducing pain.
- at the improvement of systemic and regional hemodynamics. Exemption from pain syndromes.
- in the treatment of headaches of various etiologies. Treatment of pain syndromes in diseases of internal organs. Post-traumatic pain.

Psycho-biological technology is a computer technology that allows to correct and control the mental and physical state of a person using his semantic memory, that is the subconscious mind and his consciousness.

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Why You need it ?

Psycho-biological technologies exist at the intersection of sciences: psychiatry, psychology, neurophysiology, neurobiology, mathematics, geometry, physics, computer science. We specialize in the technology of impact on human brain and body programs, the correction of these programs and the volumetric activation of the neuron-molecular network of biologically active objects, and the local brain programs of activity analytics and actual changes of the quality of brain work (brain programs).

We offer you your health. "People find the reality unsatisfactory and therefore live in a fantasy world, imagining the fulfillment of their desires. A strong personality embodies these desires into reality. The weak, and lives in this world and its fantasies are embodied in the symptoms of various diseases."- Freud. These conditions and diseases we can treat and correct their mutation. Our applications will become an important part of the life of all weak people and a serious filling in the lives of strong people. Plunging into applications, people will receive new portions of satisfying fantastic dreams in real that favorably affect their health. Our clients will become confident and motivated people, according to the algorithms of our applications, which will give health to the body and spirit. It's no longer a shame to openly say: - "I'm weak and I'm working on myself, I'm improving," and that will mean Success. Strong also can get the long-awaited opportunity to extend their life and the opportunity to enjoy this gift of heaven. Our mobile applications will open to you a world of a long and meaningful life, where everyone can fulfill his noble dream and achieve his cherished goal. Clients of our applications will have a great advantage over other people, and this is a fact that will push other people to development and self-improvement.

We offer truly equal opportunities for all people, customers of our software applications to smartphones. We offer people the project of mobile applications to smartphones, using the technology of psycho-biological effects, which affects the improvement and favorable changes in the human body, restores the body youth, the health of internal organs and the cardiovascular system, clarity and plasticity of thoughts, relieves stress and normalizes blood pressure. Technology is tested on us (researchers) and volunteers.
-Psycho-biological technology is a non-drug, non-invasive method of rehabilitation of poor health, aimed at restoring the functional state of the central nervous system, all life support systems of the body and mobilizing the body's natural reserves, as an effective IT medical rehabilitation.
-Psycho-biological technology is mainly intended for people with minor neurotic and psychosomatic disorders (stress), for normalizing blood pressure, pain syndromes, for normalizing the psychophysiological state, for general improvement of the body and activation of the pulse of active cell regeneration-rejuvenation of the body.
-Psycho-biological correction is a synthesis of neuro-bio-management technology with the method of sensory brain neurostimulation, in which the external digital impulse is coordinated with the endogenous activity of the brain in real time. A distinctive feature of psycho-biological correction is the program regulation of the functional state of the central nervous system, which makes it possible to use it at violations of the emotional-volitional and cognitive spheres of mental activity, and does not impose restrictions on the patient's age. Progress in molecular biology has seriously affected gerontology - the science of aging. Today, in the study of the mechanisms of aging, and in the search for means to slow it down, scientists from different scientific fields take part, combining these different fields into a unified scientific potential. But unlike us, they have not yet reached their goal. The highest control system in a living organism is the psyche, and by artificially changing the suggestive paradigm, we can control the somatic processes.

We got the result - the mathematical key of the input into the neural-molecular network of the brain and body (life-vital programs), and we know how the key is activated, how the code key works and how the brain's, and the human's bodies react to it. We conducted tests on volunteers and on ourselves and received a positive effect.

Consciousness always acts as a censor, as a proofreader. This is the protective reaction of the brain. Traumatic information the brain to forces out into the subconscious, where her becomes taboo for a person, but continues to exist, provoking various diseases, including deaths. And in no way, except as a method of psycho-biological correction, it can not be extracted from there: neither the patient's introduction into the hypnotic trance, nor with the help of psycho-pharmacological influence, nor the methods of psychoanalysis. With the help of psycho-biological correction, it can either be removed from the subconscious, or made insignificant and indifferent for a person.
Skeptics can compare the effect of our technology with the effect of "placebo." We have investigated all aspects of the placebo effect and can give a professional opinion on this issue: The placebo effect is achieved thanks to the impulse of the psycho-biological brain program activated by the "subconscious mind" that is accepted by the human brain as a team of the basic life program for compulsory fulfillment. In this case, the human brain does not participate in the process (only fixes) and in the analysis of what is happening, and blindly transmits the command of the "emergency" start of the program for deactivating the built-in "virus application" (disease) into the "neural network" of the human body as not corresponding to the "files" of the "built-in applications" program, or recognizes it (marks) as a virus for the basic program of vital activity of the body. The impulse of the command of the subconscious is activated by the "emergency" signals of the program "self-preservation of the body" (part of the psycho-biological program) and the response of the CNS to the failure of the program of compulsory execution, according to the period of operation of the basic program of vital activity of the body (program life), which reconfigures the central nervous system to " reception "to commands moderator "(correction), passing through the system of interaction "subconscious-mind", from the subconscious mind to the brain, and is mandatory for all programs and life systems especheniya body and life. The impulse of the command of the subconscious is activated by the "emergency" signals of the program "self-preservation of the body" (part of the psycho-biological program) and the response of the CNS to the failure of the program of compulsory execution, according to the period of operation of the basic program of vital activity of the body (program life), which reconfigures the central nervous system to " reception "to commands moderator "(correction), passing through the system of interaction "subconscious-mind", from the subconscious mind to the brain, and is mandatory for all programs and systems of life-support and life-activity of the body. As a confirmation of correction for any passive requests of the brain memory unit, any sound explanation and / or physical action like any object (example-tablet), taken inside the body under the guise of a miracle cure that is fixed by the brain like an early strong help to the patient's body and the beginning of the recovery period of affected by the disease the general or local life support system which automatically stops the supply of "emergency" signals to the subconscious changing the signal to a signal of recovery body parts, ... (the reaction of the neural network of the brain and the body) and is laid in the memory of the programs of fixation and control the programs of vital activity of the body. The "placebo" effect is possible when the signals of the body's self-preservation system coincide with the "emergency" signal of the control system for the execution of the body's basic life program. If very simple, then this is the coincidence and balance of "life of the body according to destiny" and the desire of the soul to remain in the body for a certain to "destiny" period of time or more.

Conclusion, the psychic component of a person determines, influences and controls all the bio-processes of the human body, as a "repeater and controller" of the execution of programs defined by the "admin" and to corrected by "moderators." We can successfully participate in the psycho-biological process of human life without harming his mental and physical health. On the contrary, we can only positively change the processes of vital activity of the human body and brain, restoring the person's health and to give opportunities for prolonging life.

In our work and research, we took into account the experience and works of Academician Igor Smirnov, psychiatrists Eduard Kostandov and Alexander Luriy, German Gestalt psychologists Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Köhler and Kurt Koffka, neuroscientist Francis Crick, psychiatrist Oliver Sachs, and other specialists.

Everything we did was done in a private laboratory. Our research was free and humane. All that we aspire to is preserving your health and multiplying your years. Our mobile applications will help you find harmony in life.

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