The best place for new decentralized Trading and Exchange Platform.


    Dirtrex will develop a Decentralize Blockchain Platform similar to an online banking to facilitate manage crypto Investments, exchange and trading for any altcoins.


    Dirtrex platform will be built on market-leading technology with exchanges:  

    Cryptocompare, Coinmarketcap, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex etc.


    Instantly accessible

    No need for registration or approval from a central authority.


    The platform is peer-to-peer and trading cannot be stopped.


    End-to-end encrypted communication.

    All personal data is stored locally.

    We would be being focused on the experience of other successful projects for the best results. Our goal is to operationalize the DAO+ICO while minimizing risk in the future.

    The goal of the DAICO economy is to decentralize the funding and governance of the Trading & Exchange Platform.

    • some reasons to join NOW
    • Highly return on first investments, get 400% before ICO
    • You will be a part the project as co-partner.
    • Get the right to vote to add the project to the platform.
    • Get tokens from the added project.
    • During the public token Sale, you will have the best price 0.0025Eth per token against 0.01Eth.


                Donate to the DAICO economy: DAICO-ERC20 Smart contract


               The price DAICO today:  1Eth = 400 DAICO tokens or 0.0025Eth per 1token.

    • When the Smart Contract receives your transaction, you will automatically get the right amount of (DAICO Tokens) back into your wallet at 2 minutes.


    1 ETH

    Join for partnership

    "DAICO" it's ERC20 tokens


    Be a part of DAICO economy

    1Eth= 400 tokens or 0.0025Eth per 1 token


    Enjoy loyalty and profit

    During ICO the price 0.01Eth per 1 token


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